Turn Up Your Cashflow by
Stopping Your Profit Leaks.

Every business suffers from profit leaks. It’s what you do about them that decides if your business will thrive – or take a dive.

If you think your profits should be bigger, but you’re not sure where your money is going, I can help. I work with business owners to identify where profits are falling through the cracks and stop profit leaks for good. I’ll help you make smarter, quicker financial decisions, increase revenue and finally feel like you run your business – it’s not running you.

Download this free expert report to discover 5 places your business might be leaking money right now. These are simple fixes you can implement right away that will help create a stronger, more profitable company. It’s time to start thinking like a true CEO, and not just someone who owns the business. Click below to claim your free copy of “Stop Your Profit Leaks” and take control of your business finances today.


Known by many as The Cash Flow and Profit Optimizer, Anne Dickinson empowers action-taking leaders of service businesses to make smarter, quicker and sometimes tough decisions that result in them gaining more money, more time and more freedom.

In everything she does, Anne isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she works side-by-side with business leaders to identify and eliminate money leaks, ignite profit, and create a strong, healthy business.

Focused Programs for Small Business Success

Transforming your company and the way you run it takes clarity, focus and the right guide to help you develop a strong financial muscle that enriches your bottom line.


Online, small group sessions that help solopreneurs and service business owners get comfortable with their finances and learn how to find and stop profit leaks in order to transform their business’ bottom line. Members have access to the resources and support they need to get comfortable with their business finances and help their business grow.



Anne’s personal attention focused on you and your business for a full day where she will hone in and identify the issues holding your company back in finances, operations and business in general. Learn how to turn off auto pilot and transform the way you think and act as CEO of your own business.



We’ll be your partner and an integral part of your team from three months to a year or more, providing in-depth assessments, action items for improving the health of your business, regular access to the support of a trusted advisor, and clarity when you’re too close to see where money might be falling through the cracks.


Services to Help You Stop Profit Leaks

Eye on Your Business Anne Dickinson offers consulting and professional business assessment services to help business owners who are ready to take action and run their businesses like they MEAN it.


stop profit leaks from draining your cash flow