Get the advice you need

Financial consulting for small businesses

Build a better business with a trusted advisor guiding you every step of the way.

Make more confident decisions

Send less money out the door

Finally see the profits you want

Problems with your business shouldn’t haunt your dreams.

Do you get to the end of the month and feel the cold sweat of panic?

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your business.

I’ll help you fix what’s wrong, so you can enjoy your business (and life) again.

You can have a business that feels good and puts money in the bank.

(‘Cause, after all, that’s the ultimate goal of a business, isn’t it?)
Business Owner looking at books

Everything you need to manage your business better:

Straightforward advice from an expert who knows you and your business well
A strategy that’s specific to your business
Proven tools and systems to help reach your goals

Finally, know what you need to keep your eye on and why it matters

Straightforward advice from an expert who knows you and your business well

Is your business bringing you freedom?

Are you on your way to full freedom in your business… or wasting your time on things that won’t pay off?

It’s time to know where you stand — start with my Business Freedom Scorecard here!

Fill in the scorecard – it only takes 5 minutes!

Your business should make you moneynot headaches.

If you are working too hard, wearing too many hats, and not seeing money in the bank at the end of it all, it can feel like a nightmare. The stress of business gone wrong can ruin your dreams and get in the way of your family relationships.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I can help you see things you may not even realize are causing problems — in your prices & expenses, products & services, policies & procedures, invoicing, collections, and other parts of your business.

Get me on your team to take an informed look into your business and make the changes that pay off.

Some highlights from my business background:
MBA (Babson College).
20 Years Corporate experience in Finance, Contract Management, Sales Operations, and Treasury Management.
Success as an entrepreneur and artist establishing and running a profitable studio with two dozen artists.
I’ve helped business owners like you all over the world, fix what’s not working in their businesses.

Completed 9 marathons.

Summitted Mount Kilimanjaro.

We’re achieving things we never dreamed possible.

Anne is “in it to win it” and is an invaluable member of our team.

As a result of her involvement with us, my company is achieving things I never dreamed possible.

Lee Abbascia – Versacor Enterprises, Inc.

Don’t run your business by the seat of your pants… or on the back of an envelope!

Many business owners run their businesses with little to no financial expertise. This can mean you work harder and harder without ever seeing the rewards you’d expect.

Running a business doesn’t have to feel like you’re chasing a moving target. With a little knowledge and a business expert by your side, your business can run smoothly, be much more profitable, and you can get your life back!

Find and eliminate your money leaks.
Finally see the profits you want in your business.
Stop month-end stress! Always know what your next 12 months will look like with cash-flow forecasting, and do it screen-to-screen with Anne.

How it Works


Work the Issues

Look to a brighter future

Anne understands my business
beyond the balance sheet.

Anne has become a trusted confidant and I count on her to help us keep our numbers where they need to be, especially as we continue our growth.

She amazes me with her willingness to ‘get in the weeds’ to understand this industry and my business beyond the balance sheet. She brings a broad perspective and considerable experience along with a compassionate approach to helping us maintain our target profit margin goals.

Molly Brodeur – Al Brodeur’s Auto Body

From Financials to Fun and Freedom… with Anne Dickinson

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If you work harder and harder, without the returns you expect, book a call and see how smooth your business can be.