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“Initially, Anne was brought in to help us get a better understanding of financial reporting best practices and to get a better handle on the numbers overall. Her role, however, quickly evolved to become the part time CFO for the business where she has become invaluable in our strategic planning and in the expansion of the business.

One of the biggest benefits in working with Anne is that I now have more time to focus on my COO activities and I have more time for marketing and operational issues. Her coaching has helped me get over some hurdles in our journey to improve the financial streamlining in the business, and she has helped me to easily get to the right decision points about investing in the business.

Anne has become a trusted confidant and I count on her to help us keep our numbers where they need to be, especially as we continue our growth. She amazes me with her willingness to ‘get in the weeds’ to understand this industry and my business beyond the balance sheet. She brings a broad perspective and considerable experience along with a compassionate approach to helping us maintain our target profit margin goals.”

Molly Brodeur
Al Brodeur’s Auto Body


“Quite simply, my work with Anne Dickinson caused a massive mind shift! I now think like a CEO, and have a keener eye for the profitability of my law business. As a result of working with her I am now more objective in my business assessments.

Anne is a true accountability partner, which helps me tremendously.

Eye On Your Profit Program helped me have confidence in my numbers. I used to only think about getting the work done. I was a technician. Now I know the true costs involved with the work, my margins, and this gives me tremendous power to make better business decisions. Quite simply, Anne has become that “voice in my head” that allows me to take the emotion out of financial decision making. And what’s truly unexpected is that I now also make better financial decisions in my personal life too. I highly recommend Anne’s program or her individual consulting.”

Tracey Ingle
Ingle Law PC


“I count on Anne Dickinson to help me make sound financial decisions in my business. She is truly a trusted advisor that sometimes acts as a CFO, sometimes as a sounding board, and always as a consultant with a vested interest in my success.

Beyond the role she plays in helping us to organize the company finances and improve cash flow, Anne brings a certain calmness to my daily business operations and to my financial decision making process. She asks the right questions, has the right perspective regarding my profitable growth, and she always knows what to attack next in terms of improvements to our internal priorities.

Anne is “in it to win it” and is an invaluable member of our team. As a result of her involvement with us, my company is achieving things I never dreamed possible. When Anne has a task to do for us I know it will be handled with the utmost of professionalism. One of the things I like best about her, aside from getting my life back from the seven day grind, is her responsiveness and her accessibility. It’s great having her on board.”

Manuel Abbascia
Versacor Enterprises, Inc.


“I worked with Anne to explore increased profitability in my business. Anne opened my eyes to “profit leaks,” all the little places I was either paying too much or not being fully compensated. Anne provided excellent ideas and solutions. Her recommendations have had a positive impact on my business and have given me peace of mind. Best of all, working with Anne was fun — she handles cash conversations with humor, practicality and compassion — a great recipe for success!” 

Laura Robbins
Laura Robbins Interiors


As the owner of a growing electrical contracting service, I was fortunate to have taken Anne’s Eye On Your Profit Program and, without a doubt, it was invaluable. Anne’s enthusiasm and her desire for my company’s success motivated me throughout her program and I left with what I needed to know to run the business side of things.

When you look at the return, Anne’s program was a wise investment that continues to pay huge dividends. Her coaching and her insights allowed me to see what I needed to see in my business, financially, so I could assess the true costs associated with being in business. She helped me establish new benchmarks for my business decisions and she got me focused on what is most important for achieving weekly business success. She has helped me to balance my focus on billable hours, sales, operations and customer service.

Anne is sharp and experienced and I know I can take her advice to the bank.

Dennis Maroney, Jr.
SIS Group, Inc.


“I thought I knew all I needed to know about the financial side of running my business until I took Anne’s Eye On Your Profit Program. I really did not think I needed the program given the budgetary experience I’ve had throughout my career. The program was a real eye opener and the individual sessions she provided helped me to create a profit strategy that I can easily follow.

Anne helped me to go beyond the basics and develop a true profit-focused mindset, with more concrete business goals and with new tools for gathering the information I need to make good business decisions. She brings three great strengths to the work she does: she is very knowledgeable, her confidence and competence makes it very easy to establish trust, and she holds your feet to the fire in a caring, compassionate style that makes her unique. As a teacher and consultant, Anne brings a welcome sense of humor that makes it easy to learn and grow. She’s terrific!”

Maureen Letendre
In Demand Coaching


“I first discovered Anne through Business Network International and subsequently a business coach had also introduced me to her. My business has been better off since! Anne has given me significantly greater confidence in the financial side of my business, enabling me to make the best decision. The ability to consult with Anne as my ‘check in point’ on major financial matters makes it easier to keep things running smoothly. Perhaps the single biggest benefit in working with Anne is that she has reconfirmed my thinking, as a sounding board to keep me well grounded as I make improvements to our finance and accounting processes and procedures.

Anne has the business savvy and industry knowledge to ask the right questions, and her guidance saves me time! She has helped us immensely and, in the bigger picture, she has transformed my business.

Dan Kraus
Leading Results, Inc.


I highly recommend hiring Anne as your Business Consultant and part time CFO to help inform you about the financial picture of your business. As a small business owner, it is important to have knowledgeable support to help understand the nuances of your finances and put processes in place to make sure you make money and understand your financial picture. Anne has the expertise to do this, adds value, and is a pleasure to work with!”

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking
True Focus Coaching

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