Create this quick cash forecast for your business

We’re going to create a cash forecast for your business right here, right now.Why?So you can let go of some of that business-owner anxiety you feel when you’re trying to figure out what your bank account will look like six months from now. And so you have some useful...

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Can you WEIGH what it’s worth?

Earlier this week I was having lunch at a local Italian restaurant.It was one of those places with an open kitchen, and I was seated with a clear view straight into the prep area. I noticed one prep-cook weighing mixed greens, portioning out each side salad precisely....

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3 Tools That Could Tell the Future

Last October I shared some tips about cleaning up your Profit & Loss Statement in order to keep it simple and make it more useful: Does your Profit & Loss Statement Make You Go Cross-Eyed? As Q1 2019 draws to a close, it occurs to me that it’s a good time to...

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The ‘B’ stands for Bronchitis…

I know… it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Usually, entrepreneurs hit the New Year with energy, a solid plan and great intentions, and it takes until mid-April before things start to go off the rails.Hurray for me! I got the off-the-rails thing out of the...

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Ready for a re-set?

It seems that the business owners and entrepreneurs I talk with regularly feel one of two ways by the end of the year.Exhausted, spent, and ready to hibernate.Or exhausted, spent, and excited for 2019.I get it.It’s a heavy burden wearing all the hats in your business,...

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Have you looked back yet this year?

It’s November – a good time to look back at the year to date and recognize the progress that has been made in your business.  Absolutely, definitely, without question, ‘improving profit’ is about increasing that number at the bottom of your profit and loss statement. ...

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