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Sep 18, 2020 | Anne's Blog, Expenses, Product

It’s not very often I share about my family.

But, I was pleasantly surprised, by how many people were interested in the story of my Mom and Dad and also my take on surviving the world right now. It’s quite something to think that my folks were married in 1947 — they’ve sure experienced a whole big bunch of life.

After high school, I went to off to college and when I came home for the holidays, they were in the process of moving again — not only to a different house but to a different city in yet another state! Maybe that’s part of what kept them together — their ability to roll with change. My Dad changed jobs from different city to different city. And after a while it was no longer within one company, but to new adventures at different companies in furtherance of his career.

Really, my Dad didn’t retire until he was well into his eighties. He was still on Boards of Directors, helping improve businesses. And even through that, in the latter point of life, my parents are still pretty darn smart, still involved in their own investment strategies, still living independently and weighing in on the world as it continues to change ever faster. It would seem I got a bit of that DNA because I enjoy the challenge of change too.

One of the things I really like are new clients, coming through my virtual door with different challenges. It excites me to work with people that are more than willing and some how unable to weather running a business with or without this COVID storm. There are a lot of chapter 11 situations happening right now. And some of the stores that we have loved and have been around for decades will not survive.

They aren’t the kind of clients I have. I can’t help them, but I can help the small business owner who has a service offering or product. The truth is, some of my clients right now are doing better than ever, which is darn cool. It brings me a big pile of joy to see my advice impact their business success.

So here’s a question for you — how are you doing these days? Do you need some help? What if you and I had the opportunity to spend forty-five minutes together and you just tell me where you’re at, and where your business is going well and maybe going off the rails.

If I were to give you some ideas, would that be valuable to you?

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m opening up my calendar for five people to have a forty-five minute non-sales call with me, where you can tell me how business is, obviously in total confidence. And I’ll give you some ideas. I could even send you a copy of what we talk about.

Sound like a plan? Here’s my calendar – find your time.

Fall is upon us, let’s make sure you don’t (see what I did there?😉).