Cash Flow

2 hour live Workshop

Price: $97.00

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A hands-on class to enable you to effectively build out your own cash flow forecast for your business.

This is an exclusive 2021 Covid special event. Typically this is reserved for Anne’s VIP clients.
With your own excel template, we will walk through all the information needed, what it is, where to find it, what it looks like.

You will be able to follow along adding in your own information or follow as I construct an initial cash flow forecast from a dummy company.

Bring with you:

Account Receivable Aging Summary
Known upcoming sales/revenues
Outstanding bills
Known periodic bills
12 month Profit and Loss by month report
Loan payments due
Other known payments due
In just 2 hours you’ll have your very own 2021 cash flow forecast completed

Has this last year thrown you into a panic where you’ve been totally caught off guard with how business has gone? I’m sure inconsistent revenue has been crushing the joy of being your own boss.

Don’t you wish you knew what and when you could comfortably afford to invest in your business and feel in control? This mini-workshop lays out each step to conquer your cash flow and eliminate the setbacks of revenue swings.

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“Get this call on your calendar… STAT! Anne’s training is a MUST-HAVE reset button in your business to remind you of where you can find lazy money. You’ll feel more empowered to look at your finances, I know I did!”

Stacey Canfield
Team Visual, Inc.