It’ll be SCENTsational, I promise!

Jan 21, 2020 | Anne's Blog, Profit

It’s still early in the year, still early into New Year’s Resolutions. Which means I’m still being inundated with ads for gyms, exercise classes and fitness bootcamps.

If the term “bootcamp” typically causes your stomach to lurch, your eyes to squint shut and your nose to twitch in anticipation of odorous socks and the rubbery-lysoly-sweat smell of gym mats… then I have some GREAT news for you!

My Profit Matters Bootcamp will SMELL FANTASTIC!

It’s NOT-AT-ALL the kind of bootcamp where you have to flip tires or kick a giant bag above shoulder-height.

Profit Matters Bootcamp is all about US figuring out how YOU can make your business more profitable.

And you like the smell of money, don’t ya?!?

This live, jam-packed event is a delightful mix (so I’ve been told) of teaching, laughing, applying, networking, questioning and eureka-ing over the course of 2 days.

I pride myself on being able to take really challenging, intimidating and ugh-inducing material (like Cash Flow, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets…) and work through them in a fun, fresh way that demystifies the financial and process pieces of the business puzzle, to increase your profits and decrease your stress about “the numbers”.

In fact, it’s so fun and friendly that there’s very little, if any, sweating at all! The nose knows!

AND this Spring’s Bootcamp is taking place March 26-27 in fragrant San Diego California. Trust me, San Diego in March is already in bloom; meanwhile, back in Massachusetts the gritty black snow is just beginning to emit wafts of unshoveled winter poop. (Too much?)

Here’s what you can expect from this delicately scented event:

  • A small group of passionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs who are open, friendly and supportive. There is NO money shame at my events and regardless of revenues, EVERYONE is in the same boat when it comes to wanting to create a sustainable, healthy, honest, more profitable business!
  • Significant learning and application. We will work ON your business, getting into the numbers, fixing profit leaks, damming up cash drains and finding new revenue streams. I’m with you the whole time, so is a room-full of experienced entrepreneurs. So questions get answered and insights get shared.
  • A totally manageable pace with time to think, plan, regroup and network. Sorry, there’s no sunrise yoga or all-night dance parties. (Well, not led by me anyway. You’re a grown-up and San Diego is a happening town – use your off-hours as you please.)
  • PLUS you’ll leave with tools you can use for the rest of the year (heck, the rest of your life) to keep your business on track and uber-profitable.

The event outline is all here, as well as some videos from people who’ve been so you don’t have to take my word for it.

And OF COURSE no Profit-Maximizing, Money-Boosting, Fresh-Smelling Event would be complete without SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING!

So FOR ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS: you get your event ticket for less than ⅓ the regular price – a savings of $1100!

(Don’t do the math… just go over here and check out the Early Bird Price already. It goes up soon.)

Now, after a gruelling and sweaty gym-January, don’t you think you’ll be ready to sniff out some extra profit come March?

All kidding aside, it just makes good business scents and cents to come to Profit Matters Bootcamp.

Free Webinar – Thursday, January 23 @ 10 am ET

On this free masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • Where PROFIT can hide in even the best managed businesses
  • 4 Questions you MUST answer before incurring any expense
  • The SIMPLE SHIFT that allowed one entrepreneur to crack 6-figures in her service business, debt-free
  • The numbers you need to turn data into dollars
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