She should be on Shark Tank

Apr 3, 2021 | Client Showcase Testimonials

Not everybody “gets” what I do, at first.

Am I bookkeeper? Do I file business taxes? Did I recently quit a high-paying, high-powered CFO job so I could spend more time with my family?

No. (Have you met my family?!?)

I work with small-to-medium sized businesses to find them more profit.

Clients bring me on to help them look through their past and present business numbers, to identify opportunities where they can spend less, earn more, and, simply, keep more of what they make.

More Profit. More Freedom. More peace of mind. More joy. And sure, more time with your family… if that’s what you want.

Lee-Abbascia“When I first met Anne I had 3 goals: 1) Spend more time with family, 2) Not work weekends and 3) Get a paycheck. And she can make it happen. There is no magic bullet, but we’ve had such a solid year because of her advice.”

– Lee Abbascia, Versacor Enterprises, Oxford, MA

Lee has been a client, on and off, since 2013. (That’s a long time!)

At every stage of his business evolution, I’ve worked hard to provide valuable insights, advice, and suggestions — not about HOW to run his business (because what do I know about installing playsets, landscaping, snow or junk removal?) but — about WHERE to focus his attention, in order to be and and become ever more profitable.

“Anne understood me in a second and it was well worth the investment for the results that I got. We went onto a maintenance program. I had learned so much, that not all of Anne’s services were needed. When business hit a new level, I realized it needed a “tune up” and that I had been slacking around my numbers. I thought I needed an operations manager, who I hired but that didn’t work out. It was then that I realized that Anne had much more to contribute than just helping me to manage my numbers.”

Lee has a bookkeeper. That’s not me.

I’m a 30,000 foot view person. But I also dig around alot in the details — the three foot view, or maybe it’s three inches. Like an archeologist: we spot irregular landforms from the air, so we know where to dig. Then we do the up-close work to see what treasures are buried underground.

“I had drastically increased my labor costs but I was afraid to increase my installation prices. Anne helped me decrease my labor costs and increase my retail prices. We also managed to add on a fuel surcharge and the fascinating thing is that nobody has complained! We are now exploring junk removal, and increasing our customer service standards, our Google reviews are outstanding.”

The other thing my clients appreciate (eventually) is that I tell it like it is. I mean, if we’re going to talk about your money, then I’m going to be honest with you. I’m going to be frank with you. I’m going to tell you what I think.

It’s YOUR money for Pete’s sake! If I see money leaks, I’m going to point them out!

“Looking at my numbers Anne just instinctively knew that there was an issue with my taxes. It transpired that I was paying self-employment taxes twice. Anne encouraged me to find a new accountant. He couldn’t believe what had happened and I ended up getting $15,000 back from the government. I would never have known about this if it wasn’t for Anne. She truly does know how to fix profit leaks.”

Lee and I have worked together for almost a decade now. Even after all this time, our conversations are still valuable. We’re still finding opportunities to make Lee’s business better.

“Anne and I meet regularly, she helps me with my cashflow focus, and it’s been really good for business. Even my bookkeeper can see this. Anne and I often talk about marketing.

We are now looking at doing backyard patios, pizza ovens and landscaping.”

But should I really have my own TV show?!?

“I think the government should be hiring people like Anne to help people with their business planning and how to stimulate your business. She is an expert at ‘How can I make this work?’ I actually think she should be on ‘Shark Tank’.”

Okay, so not my own show. Just a guest appearance. Okay, really…..not even that but I appreciate the thought behind the idea.

If you’re curious about what we might find inside your business financials, I’d be happy to explain in more detail how I work with my clients. I’ve just opened up five new slots in my calendar. Book yourself in for a forty-five minute non-sales call with me, tell me how business is, obviously in total confidence. And I’ll give you some ideas. I’ll even send you a copy of what we talk about. Here’s my calendar – find your time.

What are you waiting for?