Smooooooth sailing into 2021

Jan 4, 2021 | Cashflow Forecasting

That’s what I’d love your business to feel like this year.

I mean, there will always be some ups & downs: good months and lean months, prep time and pay-off, waiting for clients and waitlists of clients…

… but even with the natural unpredictability that comes with running any business, especially after last year, there are some simple steps you can take right now to make sure you ride those waves without spilling your drink (to carry that yachting analogy through…)

Did you get a chance to watch my recent webinar?

​Where the Heck is All My Money?! Straightforward Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses​

You can still watch the replay here. And as I promised on the webinar, you can find my gift of the Cash Flow Forecasting Template (in Google format) we used here. On the webinar I used a simpler spreadsheet for presentation purposes, but have included one with more line items that hopefully mirror much of your accounting line items.

And if you’re not sure WHY you should watch it – as we said on the Webinar – Cash is still King. Many profitable businesses have lost out because of a lack of cash.

We suggest you watch the replay for many reasons, perhaps:

  • Your revenue ebbs and flows for any number of reasons and it’s time that STOPPED
  • Your business is healthy but NOT worry-free
  • Deep down you know you don’t have a handle on the numbers like you know you should
  • It’s time you know how to develop and maintain a cash flow forecast

But wait, there’s more!

I’m also hosting a live 2-hour class on January 8th where I’ll show you how to plan out six months or even your entire year’s cash flow forecast.

There’s still time to get a seat for this

Grab your spot here: http://eyeonyourprofit.com/​

If you’ve ever wondered WHY your bank account keeps decreasing, even while your sales are increasing…

If you know, deep down, your business could be more profitable, but you’re not sure where to look.

If you lie awake knowing you don’t have a handle on your business numbers, even though you’re smart, driven, committed and entrepreneurial…

Coming out of Covid-19 there is a very bright light at the end of what seemed like an endless tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train. I’d love to help you navigate your cash-flow forecast for this new year.

Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year.

P.S. Hope to see and be able to help you on the 8th! https://eyeonyourprofit.com/​