So, what’s FUN about financials?

Feb 17, 2021 | Financial Advice

I’m not a fan of this pandemic. If you ask me, it’s gone on too long, and I’m ready to start traveling, eating out, hiking through distant lands, and having some fun again.

Although I just kicked off the Spring Session of my Profit Matters Bootcamp, and we do have a lot of fun inside our weekly meetings.

What? (you say) You have FUN talking about business financials?!? However do you do that?

Because (I answer) people are taking control of their numbers and finding a great deal of PEACE and JOY in doing that.

You & I both know that the amount of money you’re sitting on is not what matters.

It’s all the emotion, hope, worry, possibility, anxiety, and meaning we *assign* to money that trips up even the oldest & wisest entrepreneurs.

I always find that my new bootcampers (is that really a word?) exhale a giant sigh of relief that first week, because they are taking charge of their numbers. For whatever reason, they feel UNEASY about being the CFO of their own business, and they feel RELIEF embarking on the adventure to improve their financial acumen.

It’s the DOING, not the HAVING, that brings them relief.

Finally! There’s a safe & comfortable place they can ditch the “don’t talk about money” taboos, ask questions, fix mistakes, find clarity and move forward with straight-talk, know-how, and support!

We laugh a lot too. For real.

Whatever your actual numbers ARE, whatever they add up to, it ALWAYS feels better to smooth out your cash flow, remove uncertainty around expenses, find new revenue streams and improve your profit margins.

When you know what to keep an eye on, what to watch out for, what to tweak and what to improve, reviewing your financials becomes a practice in POSSIBILITY, not panic.

And that can be really fun. Fun-ancials, you might even call them.

Oh. I totally have to (™) that!

If you don’t believe me, let’s jump on a call. If you’re at all skeptical that reviewing your numbers could be useful, let alone FUN, we need to talk. Book a call with me here.

In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe, do a jigsaw puzzle or a jig or something.

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