2020. Now what?

Jan 6, 2020 | Anne's Blog, Profit

So THAT happened. 2020 arrived with a quiet flourish. Seriously, 2020. Good golly Miss Molly, how the time does whiz by. Were you and your business ready for a new decade to dawn? Do you have an agenda of goals to achieve this year? It’s not too late to make one. Really.

Personally, I’m beginning the year with a completely re-done office. It’s exciting to purge the clutter and open up some room to breathe and think more fully. And I’m proud of the sweat equity I invested in making the change. It’s a tad (ok, a lot) distressing in the midst of it all, but the finished environment is the bomb. I already feel more productive and it makes me even more stoked about the cool stuff I’ve got planned for this year.

What stuff? Glad you asked! On January 14, I am hosting an online webinar entitled Profit Power: Simple Solutions to Boost Your Bottom Line. Join me by registering here.

On March 26 – 27 in San Diego, I’ll be hosting my acclaimed Profit Matters Bootcamp, two days of focus on how to KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU MAKE. Profit. Cash Flow. Fun. Uh oh, I included the word ‘fun’ in a paragraph about profit — surely that can’t be true. It’s true. Details are at www.yourprofitmatters.com. Oh, and if you register NOW, you can save $1,100! Did I mention my mission is improving your profit? It wouldn’t make sense NOT to include a more-profit-in-your-pocket kind of incentive to register early. So don’t dilly dally about. Go, now, to www.yourprofitmatters.com.

2020. It’s a vision that will be in the rearview mirror faster than you think. May yours be as clear eyed as possible. If you’d like an eye on your business to improve your profits and realize your vision, you can find me here.

Here’s to a super fantastic year!

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