*BING* Your business needs washer fluid.

The washer fluid light on my dash just lit up and I thought of you! Okay – let me try to make that make sense… It’s been getting colder here in MA, and I admit when I just can’t bear to stand outside and scrape, I coat the windshield with wiper fluid, crank up the...

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Make more money ‘without’ sales growth

What you focus on, grows. I focus on PROFIT. I’ve claimed the title ‘Profit Optimizer’, my latest event was titled “Profit Matters Bootcamp’, I’m constantly watching the profit margins in my clients’ businesses and you could accuse me… and I wouldn’t hold it against...

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Congrats on your promotion

What promotion, you ask? Your big, important promotion to CEO, of course! You weren’t just promoted to CEO, you say? You’ve mistaken me for someone else, you say? You’re still just a regular, head-down, hard-working, putting-out-fires, small-biz boss, you say? Well,...

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Was your event a ‘success’?

A lot of my clients hold live events as part of their business model. Usually, they sell tickets to the event – where they deliver amazing training, camaraderie and insight well worth the price of admission. And usually, at some point during the 2-3 days, they also...

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Is easy money hiding in your business??

Ahh August. Bright sun, warm breezes, panting dogs. Some days it’s extra-hard to pull myself off the hammock and back to work. It takes all my I’m-the-boss-of-me discipline to move back to my office. Sometimes It helps to remind myself I’m not making money lying in...

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How to RELAX with your cash

Remember that business Cash Forecast we created together last month? That was the quick, pen & paper table we wrote up that looked at the next six or so months of your business, and tracked the expected Incoming $, Outgoing $ and final balance for each month. (Not...

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