I don’t do Hail Marys

Oct 18, 2020 | Anne's Blog, Profit

Sometimes I wonder how to start my emails these days… I would ask how you’re doing, but that’s no longer an innocent question.

Some business owners have never been busier, some have work coming in but no time to do it while they home-school their kids and care for their elders, and some are really struggling right now.

It’s so stinkin’ hard to know what to do. It feels futile to plan. Some people are holding the line, trusting that business will ramp up again soon, while others are opting to wander aimlessly, dipsy-doodling Q4 into the end zone.

But Plan. We. MUST.

I feel like the waiting is over, even if what we’ve been waiting for hasn’t arrived.

The curve hasn’t flattened, the borders haven’t opened, the stimulus packages haven’t arrived. If you’ve been holding your breath on any of those, I think it’s time to exhale — blue lips brought on by holding one’s breath isn’t a good look on anyone.

And all those small businesses that got away in the past with loosey-goosey book-keeping and finger-crossed cashflow systems – are now facing a real crunch. The event that paid the bills didn’t happen. Or the launch didn’t take off. Or a core client up and left.

So as hard as it is, it’s time for a plan for this fall and winter. What can you do to keep things going?

  • Can you beta test a new income stream?
  • Can you add efficiencies to any of your systems?
  • Could this be an opportunity to adjust your pricing?
  • Are there costs or subscriptions you should finally let go of?
  • And will you, for the love of all things remotely related to business, puhleeez chase down and collect those ancient aged receivables.It’s YOUR money!!

A business runs (and runs and runs and keeps running) by understanding and using the invaluable information in your books. If you don’t know your numbers, how can you know how to adjust when the craziness comes?

You will always face craziness running a business. [Let’s face it – more than a few of your friends probably think you’re crazy for even trying.] Maybe not COVID-level craziness, but ups and downs at least. And believe it or not, you can plan for crazy. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

There are people out there who can help make hard times easier.

People like me who can peer inside your business, see opportunities and savings and profit hiding in plain sight. And I won’t ask you to meet crazy with crazier. When it comes to your business and your books, a ‘Hail Mary’ is not an acceptable play.

What I WILL help you with, is reviewing your business with an eye for profit and potential, helping you decide where the business should be going, where you can draw more revenue and where you choose to spend your time. Low and behold – a plan!

So, what if you and I had the opportunity to spend forty-five minutes, screen to screen together and you just tell me where you’re at, where business is going well, and where you want to see it do better.

If I were to give you some ideas, would that help solidify your plan?

I’ve just opened up five new slots in my calendar. Book yourself in for a forty-five minute non-sales call with me, tell me how business is, obviously in total confidence. And I’ll give you some ideas. I could even send you a copy of what we talk about. Here’s my calendar – find your time.

Hang in there! No Hail Mary (unless Mary is strolling by and you happen to hail her 🙂 )