It’s all relative anyway

Feb 5, 2021 | Financial Advice

It’s February and it’s dreary.

If you weren’t aware, there’s still a pandemic going on. Life still doesn’t feel normal. We’re still trying to keep our chins up and our moods chipper. Sigh. Old news.​

We have a new President here in the States. He’s pretty old. Oldest we’ve ever elected. But still new.

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I love it, because it’s clean and neat and fresh and new, easy to read, easy to scroll, there’s a brain that’s also a lightbulb. What’s not to love?

My good friend, client, supporter and online marketing guru Jonathan Christian of Wemakestuffhappen helped me pull it together. His team did a terrific job.

The photos of me, though? Those aren’t new.

If they were NEW, they’d feature a new haircut which revealed a few new grey hairs. Not that I’m OLD. (But I’m not new either.)

OLD vs NEW. It’s relative. OH! Speaking of relatives, you might like to know that of all four brothers and two parents I have, I have the LEAST amount of grey (not that I’m competitive about it….). Take THAT, relatives!

While it’s still a (relatively) new year, I want to encourage you — okay okay, empower you to make some simple, easy changes. Take some small steps to make your business FEEL better this year.

The February blahs can exacerbate feelings of working too hard, wearing too many hats, and worrying that there’s not enough money flowing into the bank.

Stress. Worry. Sleepless nights. If you’ve been running a business for a while, it could be that those feelings aren’t new. But they can change.

I read recently about “habit stacking” – an effective way of introducing a NEW way of doing things, that doesn’t feel hard.

For example, you know you should be on top of your receivables. People owe you money (you provided the work and *ahem* it’s YOUR money…) but you hate making those calls.

However, you diligently and reliably submit your payroll each month. It’s a positive, strong habit you’ve already established. Instead of trying to ADD a new habit: “Each Monday I will make 2 accounts receivable calls” — which is tempting to skip, avoid, ignore or make excuses about — you “stack” a new habit on top of an existing one.

So every time you sit down to do payroll, you pause & make 2 receivables calls. You can even tell yourself, you’re collecting money to fund next month’s payroll. When you attach a new habit to an old one — you have a much greater chance of remembering, and doing. And soon there will be no receivables calls needed because they will have all been collected!

And please remember, if stress, worry and money worries are getting OLD (or giving you grey hair!) please reach out, and let’s have a confidential conversation.

I may have some NEW ideas that can help get you loving your business again.

P.S. Just two seats left in Profit Matters Bootcamp kicking off Feb. 9. If you want one, act NOW!