Will you be ready when the poop hits the fan?

May 25, 2017 | Anne's Blog, Process, Profit

Here’s the question of the day… is your business prepared to deal with the situation where the principal is felled by illness or injury? Are processes and systems in place to keep your business afloat while you deal with medical issues?

It’s a major bummer, but I’m currently living through this debacle myself. I’m pleased to say, I have people, processes and systems in place that are keeping my business open and new sales closing. Have there been hiccups? Yup. A stay in the hospital required re-scheduling some private clients. I’m grateful all did so graciously and with understanding. By the way… give up thinking you’ll get any work done in the hospital. Assume your time will be spent getting examined repeatedly, offering up blood for test repeatedly, not sleeping well and watching Animal Planet and the Food Channel for hours. Despite all good intentions.

Instead of thinking you’ll have full brain power and focus available until fully recovered, it is better to make sure all your ducks are in a row to step in while you step out. For me, my virtual assistant became even more invaluable than she is on a daily basis when I’m well. She stepped in and stepped up. Do you have people in place who can effectively and efficiently rise to a challenge like this? If not, it might be time to re-think the people you have on your bus and what seat they occupy.

Are you delegating all you can to others yet? If not, keep a pad by your desk (paper or electronic) and every time you do something that could be delegated, write it down. Soon you’ll have a job description for someone who can get a pile of stuff off your desk during good times and bad.

How are you fixed for insurance? That’s the ‘oh, yea I know I should have it but it just feels like a silly expense’ line item that becomes priceless when it’s needed. Depending on your business, it may be good to look at options like key man (person) insurance, business interruption and who knows what else. It’s worth a call and frank discussion about your business with several good insurance agents.

Think about other areas in your business that can be prepped for success if you’re out of commission for a short or extended period of time. It will allow you to focus on your recovery fully which is what is needed, rather than adding to your anxiety level.

I’m weathering my little bit of health nonsense and you can, too. As always, if you want to discuss what’s up, down or sideways with your business, click here to set up a Keep More Money Strategy Call and we’ll set up a time to talk.